Monday, 11 July 2011

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Team all arrived safely back at Gatwick last night with Tim and Carla being greeted with a magnum of champagne each for all their efforts, a big thank to the team for that, it is much appreciated.

Our results maybe be not what we would have liked but we have learnt lots of stuff that all of us will take forward to our next event : here are some of the things we talked about on our way home :

  • being more organised means Carla is less on your case
  • leaving watches, boat papers and rash vests  in your hotel room is a pain
  • we are good at wearing sunglasses
  • long rash vests , leggings and good suncream stop sunburn
  • buying kit at the event can be expensive
  • getting enough sleep in important
  • the food is not always what we get at home but we need to eat something
  • tracking shows what you are doing if you can remember your race
  • you dont just pay bills if you are not sure about them
  • other countries spend more time sailing than we do  
  • FRA, GRE, sent their top sailors to this event rather than Worlds and so did some other countries
  • its hard to go Portugal in July and sail an optimist when you have never done it before
  • meeting other countries is fun
We wish Georgia, Murray , Josh , Jemima and Will all the best in their new classes 420, 29er and Laser and expect to see Mimi and Dan back in their Optimists after a short break .

Carla and Tim

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