Friday, 1 July 2011


So after a busy day yesterdy we decided to move to regatta time and move the sailors to a later start time, fitness was 8.30am followed by 9am breakfast and then a break before leaving for the boat park to go sailing at midday .. but of course the last few hours have not been without incident .. Tim and Carla were attacked by vicious mosquitos when uploading the photos in the hotel lobby last night .. Dan managed to grab a glass bottle of water with wet hands and dropped it on the ground in spectacular fashion but only managed a slight mark on his ankle.. not even a graze..

after a quick room inspection everyone decided to go for a swim this morning.. it is overcast today and cooler than it has been and not much hope of a sea breeze so it will be that wonderful mediterrean slop us Brits so love ..

Breakfast was entertaining as the hotel has got wise to all  sailors making their sandwiches for lunch from the buffet .. quince jelly makes an interesting substitute for branston pickle.. but the sailors are too canny for them but they have interesting T shirts and shorts  when they leave the dining room.. 

we are waiting for Vagelis and the greeks to arrive . Tim has already been approached by the Dutch coach to share a RIB as he was uncertain about his prospective eastern european coach with little english .. but we are staying loyal to the greeks ..the Irish have arrived and two of the boys from the last year's europeans have shaken hands with Carla and agreed they  have all grown up moved on since the rocket they got from her last year

we will try and get some photos up of the hotel later

PS the spell check is now in portuguese so the spelling is likely to be worse than when we were in Holland

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