Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tough day on the water today... we had a sea breeze but it was less predictable than before, and a fairly strong westerly current also complicated tactics! Generally the brits struggled to combine all of these factors throughout a race, and the phrase "i was doing well at one point in the race" was certainly over used! Conditions were such that even the top sailors made a lot of mistakes.

We are expecting similar tough racing and conditions tomorrow, with the possibility of an third race as well. Main focuses will be learning from todays lessons, and how to turn promising parts of races into good scores across the finishing line!

Today's champagne moment was without doubt a brilliant port end start by Murray, whilst the wally of the day award also clearly goes to Will who was penalised after a protest for being out of the waiting area, however, after preparing and handling himself very well in the room the penalty was only 5%, so 3 points!

Whilst the team and coach were working very hard in tricky conditions, Carla continued with her 'politics', going for a lovely sail on a large 1970's yacht with the Italian, Austrian and Belgian team leaders and country representatives!

Early bed for the sailors tonight, some of whom were feeling fairly tired! More info tomorrow...

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