Monday, 29 August 2011

Team racing round up!

The mini finals were cancelled due to a lack of wind.  All teams went swimming and Spain are crowned champions!

Couple more photos from the mountain lakes!

Last day consisted of breakfast with the Irish and Spanish teams and a quick windsurf whist waiting for the taxi!

And some final thoughts:-

Mimi: "Ledro is THE place to be - huge shifts!  And everyone should meet the Danish, Irish and Swedish and Spanish and Germans - they are awesome"

Georgia: "Wonderful event - I recommend going when there is a thunderstorm"

Dan: "Great place to sail with good breeze for team racing"

Jenny: "Lake and sky blue, trees all green; teams all amazing, lush ice cream.  Sailing and swimming are great"

Brooke: "Was a great learning event.  Team has gained in all aspects. Great team with good synergy."


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Day 3 and Gold Silver splitp

First up,how beautiful is the race course?  Doesn't compare to Pwllheli of course but ....

Today is the first day of Gold Silver split.

First two races against Slovenia and Norway were wins!

Followed by a loss against Germany.  Asked for redress as sequence started we got back to the start after the previous race - none given :(

Loss against Denmark.  Jenny was pinning a boat - Mimi cried for her to cross the line but the Denmark sneaked through!

Next up was Belgium, was looking good as Dan pinned the competitor, but confusion caused Georgia to tack not duck and .....

Final race agains Sweden was abandoned due to wind.

2 wins 3 losses - more tomorrow.

Dan forging international relations!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 2

After a few more losses we won against DEN.
So 2 wins and 5 losses

So today was twice as good as yesterday!

From Brooke on the course "Sailors are great and have lots of enthusiasm, and are improving with each race."

Lying in 14th overall, inline with their seeding.  Fleet splits tomorrow - goal now is to win silver fleet.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Results from day 1 and start of day 2

After 6 losses, GBR finally got a win against NOR in their final race!

This was followed up with a 1235 win against SLO in the first race today.

Next race was against SWE.  GBR winning all the way to the finish, Mimi took a penalty turn right at the end and told Jenny she should finish in 2nd.  Mimi was luffed up at the finish line and could not get across.  Very close but we lost with a 1278.

From Brooke at course side "That was so close, they are trying to coordinate the team racing with sailing fast.  They are very optimistic that they are improving!"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Opening Ceremony

First Day

Race 1 lost against FRA.  Good start from GBR but FRA put in a excellent mark trap and took it with a 1,2,3,8.

Race 2 lost against GER.  In a winning position after Georgia put in an excellent mark trap.  But one GER and three British sailed through the finish line on the way to mark 3 and all got 10 penalty points each.  A mistake not to be repeated!

Race 3,4 to be sailed against TUR and ITL.  But wind has died an currently all group B teams swimming to keep cool.

Spirits are high and the team are working well together and really despite the results are doing some excellent team racing!