Thursday, 7 July 2011


no news yesterday after racing because we did not leave the boat park until 7.45 as they did three races, coach then stayed until 8.15 for protest time!

the FRA of todays conditions on the water "sometimes in the middle sometimes on the left sometimes on the right between 8 and 10 knots "c'etait tres difficile"

We agree! throughout the day the current (with the wind) built up to around 1.5kts, making the beats long and challenging. It goes down as another mixed day for GBR... highlights in the very challenging conditions were a top ten for dan, and two top twenties for Mimi. Wally of the day award today is evenly split between most of the boys as when the wind dropped from 10 to 3kts in race 2, they did not change their rig set ups!

we are going to look at some of the tracking tonight, or in the morning, as Tim has already looked at it and there are some useful points to be made!

Graham Whiteley made a surprise visit today which Dan did not know about until this morning .. Our dough nut supply will be drying up tomorrow as Liz is going home ..Brooke jumped on KEA with the canadians to go and watch some racing .. carla snuck off the island over the way on the ferry for a swim in the Atlantic which was lovely .. sailors have gone home while Carla and Tim wait with all the other coaches for protest time

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