Tuesday, 23 August 2011

And on to the team racing!

Our team in the Euros have done 'just' enough to qualify for the team racing competition.  Unlike the Worlds and the other Continental championships, the European championships hold the team racing as a separate event.  By coming in the top 16 European counties in the fleet racing  you qualify for the team racing which is held in Ledro Italy.  We have qualified as team no.16!

The team, Georgia, Mimi, Dan, supplemented with Jenny Cropley (Will, Murray, Jemima, and Josh having moved on to other classes), spent Sunday at Grafham Water under the expert tutorage of Peter Saxton.  This was followed up by an excellent roast dinner (many thanks Sue!) and and evening briefing.
Monday was spent punting on the Cam, visiting the American military cemetery and relaxing before an early flight Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon was spent practicing and swimming (very hot). All asleep by 8:30 and looking forward to racing tomorrow!

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