Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tuesday late news

So after my breakfast meeting I caught the ferry and went over to the Club to buy Will a new rash vest having spent 18 Euros the day before on two protest flags as they are mandatory here ! 

We had some hanging about and then they launched, the Team leaders and country reps are not given sandwiches but a proper lunch under the shade we can all meet up and exchange views. The  intention was then to update the blog but once the racing starts it is not possible to access a computer because all the parents are using them  to follow the racing . I was about to use Tim’s laptop at the club when I was offered the chance to go out to the race course on a 1973 Moody 44 ( for robert weg customised in the clyde in 1974 with a doghouse ) with some of the other team leaders . It was good to see what the conditions are like out there for the sailors and a rare occurrence for Carla to go on the water. 

After being collected from the yacht "KEA" by Tim after racing we then found Will in a protest which kept us at the club until 8.30pm. He got 3 points added to his score for being outside  the holding area the start of racing  five other sailors got the same penalty but only Will and one other went through the protest as the other s did not bother to turn up. For Will it is another thing off the list . He has now been in a protest . Some other sailors incurred points for being out of their spaces in the boat park before their flight had been called . BUL girl  got a DNE on the first day under rule 2 but nobody seems to know exactly what for but obviously serious.
 Josh got his first ever yellow flag yesterday, Jemima did get off the line. Georgia is trying to hide her sunburn from Carla but she spotted it this morning so it will be white leggings and no sympathy for Georgia  today .. For our sailors this is a hard event. FRA , GRE and IRL and some other countries have their worlds teams here as they are not going to NZ.  GRE  sailors are sailing a minimum of 15 hours a week  and we would be lucky to get that in two weekends and they are used to these conditions while we are not.
Brooke ( Mimi’s mum ) has arrived and has promised Carla and Tim an evening off as she is taking the team out to supper in town tonight . Tim was in a coaches meeting last night to talk about future race management and Carla was in the bar being plied with cocktails by the French , all the interests of Anglo French relations  of course but not sure her head thinks it was worth it this morning .. and she has a  team leaders meeting at lunchtime to discuss the worlds bids  .. more politics. The lunch was more popular yesterday but Liz Hampshire was mobbed when she arrived in the boat park after racing with the Portuguese version  of chocolate dough nuts yesterday. Now Liz is here the Bar has had to produce tea for these English people . they have every sort , green tea, white tea raspberry tea everything but ordinary English tea.. we have all our swop shirts and so Dan has started wearing one to promote them today
It is bright and sunny an the sea breeze is coming .

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