Wednesday, 6 July 2011

parents and trackers

The boat park has filled with a lot more parents who obviously cannot resist the pull of sun and sea in portugal and have come to join us. I am sitting writing this next to a Czech parent who like you is biting his nails while he follows his sailor  on the tracker.. however it could be less stressful or maybe more so as his daughter  won both races and we are now going for a third..

The Slovenian team leader told me today over lunch  that his coach  was so exasparated by the parents of his sailors phoning the sailors to give them tactical advice having following the tracking that he said to the team leader that unless it stopped he would leave the championship or ask the team leader to confiscate all the sailor's mobiles phones. Of course GBR parents dont do that or do they ? 

Tim will update later about the conditions on the water .. but it looks from the results as though the wind was stronger today

and Carla is happy because her daughter did ok in Flanders in the 420 her last event before coming her in ten days to compete in the 420 European champioships.. we recommned the 420's eat at the hotel ,bring industrial strength mosquito spray and suncream and long sleeve rash vests and leggings but they know all of that already havimg been in Argentina and Israel .. Capizzano the brilliant photographer will be here again.

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