Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday afternoon

It started out not so hot today but has now warmed up.. We are trying to protect everyone from sunburn so Georgia was sent back for her long sleeved rash vest . Tim and Carla waited for her with the RIB while the rest of the team got a lift on the ferry.  When the sun czar arrived in the boat park Dan was  in only a short sleeved rash vest and with some excuse about his  only long sleeved one wet being so he  was marched to the shop to buy a second one. Will could be the next one as he has confessed to only having his hoodie rash vest and no others with long sleeves. All the sailors left their white leggings in their hotel room and so the sun czar will be demanding those be worn tomorrow especially by those whose knees caught some sun yesterday. Mimi said she did not have  enough lead time to get her leggings long does a girl need to order white leggings !!

The sailors have gone out with Tim  as they would on race day and should be back about 4.30pm. Angela and Martin brought some peaches with them today for the sailors to have out on the water.

Vagelis the Greek coach has arrived he left Greece on the 27th June catching the ferry to Italy and then driving on his own with the RIB and the Greek boats, 1500kms . He has eight sailors this year as one of his sailors won the championships las t year  and as not over age gets asked back as reigning champion.  Apparently the Russians drove 7000 kms to get here. Vagelis said he was overtaken by the Italians and the two Austrians , Brigitte and the house mum who drove  36 hours non stop to get here. Makes our journey seem very straightforward. 

Its seems to be quite relaxed here as measurement started two days before the official race days . Nuno started early this year, he likes to go at a gentle pace.

Lots of sailors are now heading out for practice but the Greeks will be sorting themselves out for measurement tomorrow morning.. The Greek sailors flew to Lisbon and then caught the train here as that seemed the simplest way to travel.

The Club only has one till and so they have decided that to get round this problem you have to go to the main  till and buy 50 cent vouchers which can then be changed for food  or drink at the bar except ice creams which have to be paid for in euros. I think they are going to set up a second bar in the measurement tent when the measurers have gone. Apparently when they were setting it up last week it was 48C in the tent.

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