Friday, 8 July 2011


Another similar day on the water today, with same tricky wind and current. Two more races completed.

Sailors still struggled to sail consistently throughout the whole race, resulting in some mixed results. However, for those that spotted it some port bias on the start line in race 11, led to some brilliant starts, especially by Mimi and Jemima.

Other than a few of the starts, the highlight for today has to go down as a much improved day for Murray! Well done!

Coach and team leader still in the dinghy park (waiting for protest time 1915) whilst kids are relaxing back in the hotel pool!

Final race tomorrow before the great pack up. Lots of sailors had mixed days and several of differing nationalities were seen in tears at the end of racing today, The race officer said that the second discard was making the sailors jumpy hence all the recalls and BFD's.

Some sailors from a an unnamed country caused their team leader such a problem last night that their class assoc has asked for them to be suspended from the competition . Think it might be cheaper to keep them here than book new flights to send them home.  their facebook pages rather gave them away ..

Lots of swopping going on in the hotel last night be sailors more interested in good souvenirs than their race results, no doubt there will be more tonight however Carla has eyes and ears everywhere as all the team leaders work together and a coach did ask her at breakfast whether all her sailors were in bed early last night ..

Tim and carla still in boat park writing this up because at 70 euros for the week for poor internet did not seem to be worth it to get anymore . Charles Ainsworth  arrived to day to collect some optimists from Blue Blue and has been mistaken for Carla's husband several times .. they are not sure how to take this!! Charles has joined Brooke and Graham for dinner in town.

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