Tuesday, 31 May 2011

We are here!!!! (Workum)

After dicing with death through the Amsterdam traffic, and following a typical 'sat-nav' route with grumpy cows we have got here after a full 14hour day of travelling! We stopped on the dyke at the top of the Ijslemeer, at the monument to its chief designer, who died in 1929, 4 years ebfore its completion. hence the photos....

The Rib has been launched, and Mimi's boat is off the roof. Dan, Murray and Tim hope to sort the rest tomorrow morning whilst Carla fetches the other from the airport.

The house is large and very nice (very 70's) with canal view, dimmed lighting and all...

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Dutch Youth Regatta

Welcome to the GBR Optimist European Team 2011 Blog.

Preparations for this years event in Tavira have started by the team attending the Dutch Youth Regatta in Workum while the rest of GBR teams train in Pwllheli with Kirsty, Alan and Vagelis. 

Today Tuesday , Tim, Carla , Murray and Dan are on the Harwich Hook of Holland Ferry having spent last night at Tim's parents house in Hertfordshire( thanks Peter and Sue ) with a Rib and all the boats.

The rest of the team fly into Amsterdam tommorrow . Josh and Jemima are in Abersoch finishing  the Feva nationals. Mimi is doing her homework and Georgia is in France on a school trip and Will , well we are not sure.

So far Carla has left her laptop lead on the desk at home, Murray and Dan both left chargers behind.  The RYA van was found to have no windscreen washer fluid but fortunately Tim had some ( what a well prepared coach). Murray and Dan are complaining about the 5.30am start but have eaten their way through a pack of chocolate Brioches and chocolate crispies.

Tim and Carla got on Google maps to remind themselves how to get to the sailing club. Tim last came in 2005 as part of the Worlds team training, Carla with the 2007 Worlds team.

Wednesday Dan and Murray are going training while Carla goes to get the others from the airport.