Sunday, 3 July 2011


Practice race today in a very shifty and variable Northerly breeze. This, along with very poor start discipline and the prospect of the ever approaching opening ceremony made it hard to learn much about the racing. Good hours on the water gearing up for first race day tomorrow though!

Some exciting revelations today too... including that peas are in fact vegetables and another which may result in one sailor going quicker tomorrow!

Racing proper from 1pm tomorrow, so expecting to launch around 1130. All sailors will have trackers for the duration of the event, so the seriously keen (bored) amongst you can watch the racing real time! Photos from the opening ceremony  etc will go up tomorrow hopefully!

The organisers sent the team leader's lunch out on the water today by mistake so they all got treated to a meal at the local restaurant CZE, GBR , BRA, ITA , IRL all sat down to octopus chips and salad, Carla would not know how good the octopus was as she never eats fish or sea food but she did learn that ITA are bidding for the Worlds in Garda 2013 and the Czech Republic used to have 2000 oppy sailors and now have only 200.

The Portuguese had great plans for the opening ceremony ,, teams leaving at 5.30pm and not getting back until nearly 10pm for dinner at our hotel . it seemed ok but fortunately portuguese Mimi made them see that it would be better to shorten it and after a quick march around the town and a juggler we were on the bus home by 8pm .. photos tomorrow

PS prizes for guessing what the change is!

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