Saturday, 2 July 2011


Much hotter today 34C and the Greeks have lent us the RIB while they go through measurement and so team are on the water . Tim and Carla went for a little trip up the river to Tavira to refuel the charter RIB and collect some water and Mimi a new toothbrush.

We tried to register but there is some discussion about late payment fees of over 2000 euros that we are not convinced we need to pay so until they are more convincing Carla and Tim are denying any knowledge of this.. apparently quite a lot of teams are having the same issues. something to do with the time the money spends in the system once it leaves our UK bank account . The Italians arrived today and the FRA 20 hours in a minibus two adults and seven sailors and their boats  .

They are issuing all competitors with wrist bands and we think they are going to close the boat park something they  have not done at a Europeans for several years. They are thinking of also trying to tell the team leaders that they cant go on the coach to the opening ceremony with the sailors and coaches.. not sure how well that will go down. Team leaders can be a vocal lot usually complaining about the lunches, the litter and the toilets and then the race management.

More photos later ..

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