Monday, 4 July 2011

Todays race track

Today produced a surprisingly good sea breeze. By race time, we had a 13-5kt breeze oscillating around 15 degrees. One of the main challenges was a 5 boat length a minute current with the wind, which along with the consistent quality of the fleet meant that starting was more of a struggle than many of the team  are used to. This was a main focus of the debrief and should hopefully improve tomorrow, certainly the sailors themselves saw how useful a good start was from today's racing!

Highlights from the racing included top ten's for Josh and Dan, and a consistent set of results for Mimi, and some good starting by Georgia.

Two more races are scheduled for tomorrow, so lets hope for a good sea breeze again! Same timings as today, all boats will have trackers - and we hope they will all be working and there are also some great photos of the team taken by the official photographer Capizzano... Murray may have a future as a pin up !! and the boys also got a top photo last night .. Boys also learnt that Tim was not born yesterday after trying to help themsleves to his tv cable when theirs had already been confiscated by him.. Will won wally of the day and the penalty was being driven by Carla in the RIB back across the river to the hotel pontoon . that could have been more risky than racing with out a watch .Jemima is starting over tomorrow with starting of course being her focus.. we know she can do it because we have all seen her do so..

Carla was out to lunch again to day ( politics politics) working hard to see if the Worlds can come back to Europe and supplying Sally Burnett who is tied to the tracking system with ice cream. Liz Hampshire arrived to day and brought our swop shirts and  welcome supply of cakes to the boat park after racing.

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