Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Morning

Its much cooler today and we are now in the official event so we get event lunch , not sure how well that will go down but will see how light the cool bag is at the end of the day . Tim and the USA coach are on a fuel run. Does Tavira open on Sunday morning for fuelling ? Tim forgot it was Sunday today . That is what happens at these events when you dont see the TV or newspapers ..

We are linked up with the USA blog which will give a different perspective to ours.. we heard from Flanders that they had a mixed day and something about tide .. we have a coach and team leaders meeting today and then the Greeks want to go training. They had to get all their sails measured yesterday at 30 euros a go becuase their official class measurer did not have time to do it before they left.. RUS and Bulgaria have not yet arrived but are expected today .. ISR are here and have high security as they always do and are escorted in and out of training by the police. GRE and some other counties are in a different hotel to us the one on the other side of the river where the Booth's are staying just in town . That suits us becuase we can use the RIB and they can get to their hotel in their van. ITA arrived yesterday with another new coach but as always the president of the Italian Class association is with them .

Mosquitoes had a real feast on Carla last night but the seem to ignore the sailors so that is good.

Some photos from the boat park and our visist to town last night

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