Saturday, 9 July 2011

saturday morning

so it is our last day and the sailors have  one last race before the great pack up.. and the news is that all teams have issues some you want some you don not . ITA think their gril can win unless she has a DNE should she race and risk DNE or should she stay ashore ... the leading GRE who won last year got DNE for not doing his turns .. FIN have had their 2 sailors re instated .. FRA AUT leave tonight before or after the party .. do we ask parents to help or not.. Coaches had their night out and some were  somewhat worse for wear  this morning but you will be pleased to know our Tim was not feeling too good and was out of the clutches of the older coaches and asleep before our sailors . Our sailors also went to bed early . AUT team leader went back to her room to update her blog after 11pm and found NZL with her sailors in her room.. not happy.

We are booked fifth in line to give back our charter boats so just enough for Lukas to be less thorough but time for us to get back to our party .. the trailers have been retrieved from up the road and put in each teams space int he boat park.. a premier valet trailer  parking service ..

Carla bit worse for wear as the parents had a party two doors away from her until 2am last night unfortunately and she and Sally Burnett had to listen to it .. .. Sally was  abit brighter than Carla as she turned up her air conditioning to drown out the noise rather than just hoping it would all go away .. her mood was not helped by the organisers re opening the late payment fee debacle . GRE, CRo and GBR have all been told that the other two have paid however we all know that none of us have or intend to until the organisers proof how they made the calculation and out federations agree it . we al know if we pay we will never get it back and none of us are happy nor is IODA and next years NoR will be amended so there is no chances of misinterpretation by anyone..

its 15.01 and they have completed one race 5.00pm looks too early for being in the charter

Brooke has left for the UK , Dan is flying home home with is dad as its an easier option to go to liverpool than get him back to Wales from Gatwick ..

the witches of tavira went out for a for a last lunch and are planning their ski and shopping trips for over the winter  as tonight they will be managing organised chaos tonight hoping for damage limitation

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