Thursday, 30 June 2011

On the water at last

So first day on the water, probably the best way of describing the conditions is “Glamour Sailing”, but as expected not particularly what we’re used to, so lots to learn!!!!

Launched around 3pm, so towards the end of the normal sea breeze. As a result wind was a little unsettled, and got less stable as the afternoon became evening. There was also a variable, but large, slightly side-on chop for the sailors to contend with. We needed lots of practice in this, so spent most of the session working on upwind technique!

Also managed to work out a few more boat prep things to do, including daggerboard tie in’s and using our own “nice” bailers.

Sunburn avoided so far, largely due to Tim and Carla’s repetitive nagging. That is except for Tim who got burnt this weekend out in Newport, Rhode Island!

Lots more work to do… so planning a long afternoon session at normal race time tomorrow! 

Photos up !!

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