Friday, 3 June 2011

Team view

Tim and Carla  think its time you heard from the sailors !!
Josh (Muppet of the race) – My day started off ok, with a 7th in the first race, but went downhill from there! In the 2nd race of the day, I thought I had done quite, finishing 12th, well until Tim told me that I had been black flagged, unusual for me! Then the last race was a bit of a nightmare, I thought the reach mark was the windward mark, so ended up doing the reach twice, and was 3nd from last in front of one capsized boat and another, at the windward mark; but managed to pull back a few places to 20th from last.
Mimi (the weather girl) -   My sailing is not worth talking about today... it ended with a black flag and two 30ths.  So I’m just going to talk about the sailing conditions. I got the worst tan line on my legs due to the sunny weather; everyone seemed to have gotten a tan! (Even though Georgia used about half a bottle of 50 UV sun screams!) Wind was from 12 knots in the morning, easterly and increased to 16 knots in the afternoon, shifting to north easterly. The thermal kicked in 11 am, starting with some cumulus clouds: big fluffy clouds and shifting the gradient to the left. It was about 17 degrees so warm enough for hikers!
Jemima “okay girl”  , I discovered today, that if you get a good start and you are in the top ten, it is SOOOOOOO much easier to keep in phase with the shifts (Tim hasn’t been chatting rubbish after all)... I improved throughout the day starting with a not very good race and then ending with a 9th.
Head Chef Will – Food is difficult because there are very few shops nearby, there is an Aldi but Carla found a better supermarket next door which Tim thought was Homebase. Apparently the chicken casserole was good but I was unable to eat due my allergy so I had chicken which wasn’t bad. Today we had lasagne unfortunately I couldn’t have that either so I cooked fried salami with German sausage and pasta which was really nice. When everyone gets Ice Cream for a race win I get Cola so I’m not complaining. Looking forward to some more windy racing tomorrow.
Murray (erm...)- After a better day than yesterday, I felt I was getting to grips with what was going on and the sea state (which I struggled with). The boat park felt a lot more comfortable, and I was able to settle into my routine, which helped a lot. I’m hoping to be dropped off at spar tomorrow to buy some flip- flops, which are badly needed to solve my ankle tan line.
Daniel (Muppet of the day) Today’s races were good and then I got protested. It should have been 2nd 1st and a 24th which I got because like Josh I got the wrong mark. My 2nd turned out to be a DSQ because I was out of bands, how stupid? By the end of the protest, which I lost because the jury decided they could not change the sailing instructions to give me a points penalty, we arrived back at the house and we ate dinner. Earlier on the day as I was pulling the boat up onto the  trailer I noticed that the boy that was helping me had a hole in his dry suit, I tried to tell him but he did not understand so I pointed to where the hole was forgetting that I still had my boat in my hand. Along with the trailer the boat went tumbling into the canal and I unwilling jumped in too.       

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