Thursday, 30 June 2011

Arrival and Thursday's Shenanigans

We arrived on time with out incident, with our sails, in time for dinner at our hotel about 9pm last night. Unless you count Dan having all his wash bag being confiscated at the airport ( for the second time when travelling with Carla and Tim!) and Mr Voller leaving the swop T shirts on the sofa at his house … and Mimi leaving her toothbrush behind..

Today after an early start we found the ferry and crossed the river from our hotel to the sailing club on the otherside.. We found our Blue Blue charter boats and set about getting through measurement. We got the 12 noon slot and as Josh had left the boat papers for his new sail in his hotel room we needed all of the two hours. Blue Blue wanted a v large amount of cash for the deposit but on hearing the name Stanley and Saxton decided that it was not as critical as it might be to have all the money before handing over the boats.

We got through all except Georgia’s rudder 20 gms too light and I shan’t explain how optiparts sorted it with stones and sikaflex but they did and the three light boats which Blue Blue added another layer of paint to the daggerboard cases.No problems with sails, numbers or taking off stickers this year.

Tim and Carla secured the RIB still with no damage deposit and were able to return to the hotel so the sailors could get changed to go sailing...

It was very hot today up to 30C and Georgia’s parents Angela and Martin successfully found us a gazebo at the first supermarket that they went to and 12 litres of water as well. The Hotel they are is in a sister hotel to ours and there is a bus between the two and the ferries that run from town. We were able to prepare our boats in the shade of the measurement tent the only shade

After a return from sailing the sailors came back for a swim and debrief before supper. There seemed to be every type of food anyone could want and plenty of it though we note that the free soft drinks have disappeared since last night and its water only for sailors.

Tomorrow we are moving continental time and have a later breakfast and going to the boat park at 12 noon for a 1pm start. We can’t register until Saturday although Mimi, the Portuguese chairman is trying to bring it forward so there is no queue.


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  2. How could I leave the T-Shirts behind you might ask - but no worries Carla, they will be there on Monday with Liz :)