Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday's Racing

Sailing today felt a little like yesterday, same great sunshine, same direction wind, similar strength (11-16kts). Lessons learnt on the earlier days were certainly useful! However by no means was it easy! The wind was shifting backwards and forwards, so a good start and a clear plan were essential to keep your options open, and be able to take the shifts! This is perhaps why results were still fairly mixed up!

Apologies for the lack of tracker devices today, Georgia, Josh, Mimi and Jemima were scheduled to have them, but the officials were running late, so they were not used!

So... to bring you up to speed, GBR’s highlights of today included two second places for Dan, two top ten’s for Josh, and several top twenties shared between Murray, Will and Mimi.

Tomorrow morning, fleets are split into Gold, Silver, Bronze and Emerald for the day’s two races. However the extremely high quality of racing has meant that racing will be hard in all of these fleets, and each will contain top sailors from a wide range of countries! We will update you further when we know which fleets our sailors are in... But you will not see any more of Josh, he has flown home early for a GCSE Maths exam on Monday! Good luck to him!

Tomorrow evening will be somewhat of a mad scramble to catch the ferry in Calais for Carla and the sailors, so apologies in advance for the potential lack of blogging after racing tomorrow!

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