Saturday, 4 June 2011

more news

Gone sailing 
No trackers today .. the fleets are redrawn every day and the organisers did not give the tracking people enough time to label all the trackers and get them out before launchingso they abandoned them today
ET the IOCA RIB as Tim and Carla discovered has no funnel to fill the inbuilt fuel tank.. a cut off drinks bottle works quite well but both of them are avoiding anyone with a cigarette for a few hours.

Mimi had to replace her worn frayed mainsheet yesterday at a cost of 45 euros I am not sure how much they are in the UK now but it is a pretty yellow colour.
Dan ready for launching

The great DSQ debate :after the Jury decided that the SI's gave them no choice but to DSQ Dan for his measurement infringement he went for redress on an action of the race committee for not stating what infringements could be penalised and what the penalty would be. Still they could not bring themselves to change the SI's although they have already done so for the Benjamin fleet and then had to cancel a race because of it. . The chief measurer is not very happy as he can only DSQ sailors for measurement infringments and he would liketo have a variety of options and asked for an amendment a month ago.   Apparently its up to the Dutch Optimist class and they have not done anything about it or maybe they have not been asked . The general Dutch view is that measurement is measurement.. We told Dan it was a little like the Emperor's new clothes , small english boy tells Dutch organsing committee they have made a mistake .

Benno our only Benjamin has put in an request about his DNS as it was 13th and will push him up quite a bit. 

Wind had dropped a bit but is now picking up and Carla is going to the supermaket.. Murray got his 5 euros flipflops which were cheaper and less flowery and girly than anything he had seen in the UK.. Real men obviously wear flipflops here,

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