Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday news

So the biggest worry for the sailors this morning was a shortage of loo paper..   the biggest worry for Tim and Carla was that it is a bank holiday here today so everything is shut except the campsite Spa shop..could we feed nine from the Spa shop.. or would we have to blow the budget on going out for dinner ..

We arrived in the boat park to sort ourselves out and find that there was an hours postponement after start time .

We had a short opening ceremony over 20 countries are here , and flags were run down the marque by willing Dutch youngsters .. Big cheers for the teams from Japan and Singapore

We then had to hang around until launch time . The organisers gave us and hour and half to  get to the start line.

Dan got us ice cream today with his two top tens and we have a plentiful supply of loo paper and you can feed nine from the Spa shop..

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