Monday, 29 August 2011

Team racing round up!

The mini finals were cancelled due to a lack of wind.  All teams went swimming and Spain are crowned champions!

Couple more photos from the mountain lakes!

Last day consisted of breakfast with the Irish and Spanish teams and a quick windsurf whist waiting for the taxi!

And some final thoughts:-

Mimi: "Ledro is THE place to be - huge shifts!  And everyone should meet the Danish, Irish and Swedish and Spanish and Germans - they are awesome"

Georgia: "Wonderful event - I recommend going when there is a thunderstorm"

Dan: "Great place to sail with good breeze for team racing"

Jenny: "Lake and sky blue, trees all green; teams all amazing, lush ice cream.  Sailing and swimming are great"

Brooke: "Was a great learning event.  Team has gained in all aspects. Great team with good synergy."


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